My research interests include transition metal coordination chemistry, pedagogical research and outreach-based research.

Copper(II) complexes of pyridine amide ligands - My graduate work convinced me that there are few things in the world more elegant than a carefully designed and synthesized ligand. I have been a geometry-geek since I was an innocent little sophopmore in high school and between the design of organic ligands and the preferred geometry of different transition metal ions, my inner geometer revels in its geek-tasticness.

Pedagogical Research - In addition to my transition metal chemistry research, I am also interested in some more pedagogical projects. A new experiment for the General Chemistry Lab? Let's give it a try! An alternate explanation of some general chemistry or inorganic chemistry concept? It's worth a try!

Displays & Demonstrations - I've also developed project that will allow students to participate in research earlier in their careers.  I oversee the public display cases for the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, and they are very often not my top priority because of other demands on my time.  I very often have interesting ideas for new displays, and these ideas are rarely more complex than Gen Chem level, so I will be recruiting a student or two to work on new displays and in-class demonstrations.

Research Publications & Posters - Slowly growing since 1995...

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