Dr. Bodwin's main teaching duties are in General Chemistry and General Chemistry Lab. He also teaches Inorganic Chemistry and Inorganic Lab.

Dr. Bodwin is also involved in a number of aspects of the research program in the Department of Chemistry (Chem 290 - Introduction to Research and Presentation, Chem 397 - Undergraduate Research, Chem 497 - Senior Thesis) and the Senior Seminar course (Chem 498 - Senior Seminar).

Dr. Bodwin also enjoys participating in non-majors courses when possible including Chem 304 - Environment and You and You and BCBT 100 - The Science of Cooking. These courses are a welcome change of pace from his typical chemistry courses.

Dr.Bodwin is always happy to chat, stop by his office either in HA103E or HA407H, if he's not around check the schedule posted at each office. If you want to schedule an appointment, sign up on one of the schedules and Dr. Bodwin will plan to meet you at whichever office you sign up. Dr. Bodwin's schedule is also posted online.

Here are a number of hopefully helpful bits and pieces: