Pyridine amide ligands and their copper(II) complexes
There are a number of copper-containing enzymes that participate in redox reactivity.  Natural enzymes are the ultimate example of optimised ligand system, the complex ligand geometry and coordination environment has evolved to be exceedingly efficient and selective.  Our goal is to develop copper complexes that can also be used for the oxidation of selected substrates, specifically the oxidation of organic molecules and other biomolecules to produce potential fuels.  Although this project is inspired by biological systems, it is not exactly an enzyme modelling project.  Likewise, a potential goal that can be stated is the desire to catalytically produce fuels from biomass or other "green" feedstocks, but this is not an applied science project {unless a funding agency would like me to spin it as an applied science project}.  This is basic science.  Ligand design and synthesis, transition-metal complex design and synthesis, and, oh by the way, we'll see if any of the complexes we make happen to be good oxidation catalysts.  This project exploits all the advantages of inorganic chemistry, and specifically transition metal coordination chemistry; it requires a little bit of all the aspects of chemistry that a student would learn from basic organic synthesis to kinetics to spectroscopy.

Current Members:
Connie Anderson - Pyridine monoamide ligands (Spring 2014-?)

Former Members:
Kshitij Gurung - Monomethylaniline pba ligands (Fall 2012-Spring 2013)
Michelle Branch - Methylaniline derived pbas (2009-2012, working at ... in Minneapolis)
Kaitlyn Funk - Methylaniline derived pbas (2009-2012, working at Arclin in North Carolina)
Kevin Schultze - Alkylamido pbas and their copper(II) complexes (2006-2009, grad student @ Univ. North Carolina Chapel Hill)
Joseph Bzdok - Cu salens (2008-2009, currently serving in the United States Army)
Tracy Kurtz - Cu pbas (2007-2009, working at Aldevron in Fargo, ND)
Deborah Pestka - Cu salens (2008-2009, Pharmacist)
Brendan Haight - Cu pbas (Years, currently XXX)
Rachel Branson - Cu bleach oxidation (Years, currently XXX)
Kari Fisher - Cu pbas (Years, currently XXX)
Nivedha Manohar - Cu pbas (Years, currently XXX)
Sara Aleem - Cu pbas (Years, currently XXX)
Jennifer Smith - Co enzyme models (Years, currently XXX)
Name - Project (Years, currently XXX)
Name - Project (Years, currently XXX)