CHEM 290 - Introduction to Research and Presentation - Fall 2012


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Evaluations/Assignment Forms: Faculty interview, Seminar evaluation, Poster evaluation

Tentative Schedule (change is guaranteed...)
Aug 27
Intro, etc
Aug 31
Searching the Scientific Literature
Sep 3
No class - Labor Day
Sep 7
MSUM Chem Faculty Research - slides, Interview Form
Sep 10
Laboratory Notebooks (slides)
Sep 14
Literature search assignment
Sep 17
How research is presented (slides)
Sep 21
Safety (slides)
Sep 24

Sep 28
Fire extinguisher training
Oct 1
Giving a seminar (Suslick's "Seminar on Seminars" slides)
Oct 5
Article discussion (
Oct 8
With Knowledge Comes Responsibility: A Case for Green Chemistry (seminar)
Douglas Rainie, South Dakota State University {Seminar evaluation form}
Oct 12
Nobel Prizes!
Oct 15
No class - Fall Breather
Oct 19
Poster discussion
Oct 22
Oral article presentations
"Lactone Radical Cyclizations and Cyclization Cascades Mediated by SmI2−H2O" {JL} -Excellent article for looking at organic reaction mechanisms, chirality, and natural-products design
"Metal−Organic Framework Materials with Ultrahigh Surface Areas: Is the Sky the Limit?" {CO} - Nice discussion of MOFs, mostly computational, good intro to the field
Oct 26
Oral article presentations
"Price To Be Paid for Two-Metal Catalysis: Magnesium Ions That Accelerate Chemistry Unavoidably Limit Product Release from a Protein Kinase" {CB} -
"Site-Isolated Redox Reactivity in a Trinuclear Iron Complex" {JL} -
Oct 29
Oral article presentations
"Titania and Silica Materials Derived from Chemically Dehydrated Porous Botanical Templates" {DA} -
Nov 2
Mercury Contamination in the Western Great Lakes Region (seminar)
Kris Rolfhus, University of Wisconsin - LaCrosse {Seminar evaluation form}
Nov 5
"Ladderphanes: A New Type of Duplex Polymers" {DC} -
Instrumentation - Spectroscopy, NMR, IR, UV-Vis
Nov 9
Library Field Trip - What resources are available, How to take advantage of the library
Nov 12
Instrumentation - Chromatography, GC, GC-MS, LC
Nov 16

Nov 19
5-minute poster topic presentations - Who is your scientist? What was his/her discovery/field? How is that discovery/field applied in modern chemistry?
Nov 23
No class - Fall Break
Nov 26

Nov 30
In-class poster review/practice - Poster guidelines
Dec 3
In-class poster review/practice (final drafts due by 5pm Dec. 5th)
Dec 7
Poster Session
{CB} - Hermann Emil Fischer
{DA} - Dmitri Mendeleev
{JeL} - August Kekule
{CO} -
{JoL} -
Dec 10
Wrap up, evals, etc
Dec 13
Final Exam - 12:00pm