CHEM 150L - General Chemistry Laboratory I - Fall 2015


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Week: Experiment: Pre-lab Hand-In
Aug 26-27 No CHEM 150L meetings this week
Sept 2-3 Check in
Safety (slides1, slides2, safety map, safety guide, Things That Burn guide, Out of Harm's Way guide)
Activity - Using MSExcel

Sept 9-10 Reaction of Aluminum with a Strong Acid {week 1} Al+HCl video Al+HCl hand-in
Sept 16-17 Safety Exam
Reaction of Aluminum with a Strong Acid {week 2}
Calculation notes (.pdf, .pptx)

Sept 23-24 Using Conductivity to Explore a Chemical Reaction  Conductivity
Burettes 1
Burettes 2
Conductivity Hand-In
Sept 30-Oct 1 Determining the Stoichiometry of a Reaction by Continuous Variation Cont Var Continuous Variation Hand-In
Oct 7-8 The Clandestine Lab: Qualitative Analysis {week 1} Clandestine Lab Qualitative Analysis Hand-In - WEEK 1
Oct 14-15 The Clandestine Lab: Qualitative Analysis {week 2}
Qualitative Analysis Hand-In - WEEK 2
Oct 21-22 Sodium Hydroxide and Hydrochloric Acid NaOH+HCl  NaOH+HCl Hand-In
Oct 28-29 Exploring Colored: Introduction to Spectroscopy  SpectroVis Color Hand-In
Nov 4-5 Quantitative Analysis of Iron Ore Beer's Law
Vol. Glassware 1
Vol. Glassware 2
Fe Ore Hand-In
Nov 11-12 No CHEM 150L meetings this week - Veterans' Day Nov 11
Nov 18-19 Quantitative Analysis Sample Prep
Nov 25-26 No CHEM 150L meetings this week - Thanksgiving
Dec 2-3 Lewis Structures and VSEPR (slides) VSEPR 
Dec 9-10 No CHEM 150L meeting this week - Study Day and Final Exams - Good luck!

Typing chemistry - Microsoft Equation 3.0
Data Collection and Error Analysis
Lab Report Format 

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