Current and former research group members - These are the people who actually do (or did) most of the work!

Copper research:
Michelle Branch
Rachel Branson - Pharmacy School, University of Wisconsin
Joseph Bzdok - United States Army
Kari Fischer - Pharmacy School, University of Maine
Kaitlyn Funk - Product Development Chemist, Arclin Canada
Kshitij Gurung
Brendan Haight
Tracy Kurtz - Client Relations Specialist, Aldevron, Fargo
Nivedha Manohar
Deborah Pestka - Pharmacy School, University of Minnesota
Kevin Schultze - Graduate school, University of North Carolina

Displays and Demonstrations:
Connie Anderson {2012-present}
Ashley Eder {2012-2013}

Cobalt Nitrile Hydratase Models:
Jennifer Smith - Associate Scientist, ABC Laboratories, Columbia, Missouri

Iron Complex Stoichiometry by Continuous Variation:
Shaina (Garaas) Eagleson - West Fargo High School